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Volume 12 Updates


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Hello World Record Holders!

Have you caught your breath yet from our amazing Monday Night Football game? We’re still giddy about being 11-1 and bringing the world record back home for Volume 12!

We wanted to take a moment to thank all our 12s for the photos, questions and messages you send us on our Facebook page. We love knowing that we’re doing our part to connect you all and showcase your wonderful spirit of 12! Be sure to check out the great photo albums our talented admin Jenn is putting together! The holiday album is going to be awesome!

BeanieWith the San Francisco game right around the corner, we want to encourage you to get connected with other 12s through our Connecting the 12s page. Whether you’re trying to find other 12s or you know of a meeting place for 12s, it’s important to us to get you together to watch the game!

Our Best Fan program is ready to announce our first round of nominees! Stay tuned for that announcement and your opportunity to vote!

Finally, our Volume 12 store is open daily at Redmond town center. We have all your Volume 12 and Legion of Boom game gear, everything from hoodies to beanies to arm socks to Volume 12 flags! Feel free to stop by and see our World Record certificates for loudest stadium cheer!

#GoHawks #Volume12

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Battle in the Bowl for Baby Ellie!


Nov 22, 2013 12ing, Best Fan, Volume12 0 Comments

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We’re really excited about tomorrow’s Battle in the Bowl for Baby Ellie! It’s going to be a fun event for the players and the spectators as well as an important fundraiser for Baby Ellie and her family. We’re happy to support Baby Ellie and her family. We think this is an excellent way for our 12s to come togetherellie to support one of their own and just one of many examples of how our 12s make a difference in their community!

The Battle in the Bowl is free for the public to attend.
-8 teams are playing
-8 players on each team Plus 1 former Seahawks as their coach
-Food & Drink will be available for sale via Redhook
-Winner gets ultimate tailgate package
-Proceeds go to benefit Ellie and her family
-Registration for teams starts at 9:30 1st game starts at 11:00am
-Awards ceremony starts at 2:45

Volume 12 would like to extend our thanks to Red Hook Brewery and Pub for hosting this event and allowing us to use their “Bowl” for the tournament! We would also like to thank our former Seahawks players/coaches for signing up to coach each team and of course, all the team players who filled the rosters in an amazing rush of support!

Finally, we’d also like to thank all the donors who’ve come forward providing baskets for attendees to bid on! All money raised goes directly to Ellie’s family!

super fanLast but not least, we’d like to thanks all our super fans for committing to attending!

There will be tons of fun and photo opportunities for everyone attending.

Since it’s the Bye week, and there are no Hawks to watch, we hope you’ll take your Saturday and come on down to support Ellie and her family, spend some time watching the tournament and bid on prizes to support the cause!

See you at the Battle in the Bowl!

You can find more information on our event page! See you there!




Best Fan is Here!


Nov 19, 2013 12ing, Best Fan, Volume12 0 Comments

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Volume 12 is proud to announce the launch of Best Fan!

Best Fan was developed to bring the world of 12s closer together and give each of you a louder voice and a stronger connection to each other. It is you, the 12s who drive the Best Fan program! You show us the 12s who are going that extra mile to help others in the community, we honor them!

There are many examples of 12s that exemplify both staunch 12-ness and community involvement and we want to hear your stories and recognize those fans! You can read more about Best Fan and nominate fellow 12s by visiting the new program page here! From our home page, simply hover over community and click on Best Fan.

We also want to kick off this program by being involved members of our community. Please plan on joining us this weekend for The Battle in the Bowl to help Baby Ellie and her family! The Volume 12 Battle in the Bowl is a flag football tournament featuring 8 teams coached by former NFL players! Red Hook Brewery is sponsoring and all proceeds go directly to Baby Ellie’s family! You can find more information here!