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Happy New Year 12s!


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Wow! What a year 2013 was!

Thanks to you, the 12s, we accomplished so much!

Your World Records:

volumeNot one, but TWO world records, thank to all our 12s! The first record was set on the Seahawks opening home game September 15th against the San Fransisco 49ers… and the second record was set during Monday Night Football against the New Orleans Saints on December 2nd.

When the challenge was presented, it wasn’t the team on the field, it was the fans in the stands that rose to the occasion and battled for the record. In many ways, you put yourselves on the map as well as your team and your stadium!

Your Heart:

In November, Volume 12 organized The Battle in the Bowl at Redhook Brewery to benefit Baby Ellie, who was fighting cancer, and her family. Thanks to the sponsors, including the Redhook Brewery, all the 12s that signed up to play flag football on the 8 teams competing for bragging rights, the fans that showed up to cheer everyone on, and the former Seahawks players that volunteered their time to coach the teams, much needed funds were raised to help Ellie’s family offset the cost of her medical care!

Your Passion:

tri citiesNo matter whether you were at the stadium or at home, on a mountain top or at the beach, flying to a game or tailgating at a pub, you all, as 12s, gathered together and made yourselves heard and seen! Your passion as fans made headlines and sometimes were the headlines in post game interviews at away games. You flew the flags, made the noise, wore the jerseys and let the team know you were there for them!

And what was the outcome of all that passion?

You’ve been so amazing and so unique… you’ve created a movement that has the team and the players turning around to gaze at the fans in amazement! While you’re excited by what they’re doing on the field, they’re the ones blown away by how awesome you are in the stands!

You’ve created a fellowship of 12s that is so huge and so passionate… we have 12s checking in from around the world on game day. And trust us, we’re just as amazed as you are. When training camp started, we had a few thousand fans on our Facebook page. This week, we exceeded 100,000!

As we’ve made this journey with you, we’ve worked hard to connect you (Connecting the 12s), meet your need for Volume 12 and LOB fan items (Volume 12 Game Gear in Redmond Town Center) and make sure you get the recognition you deserve (World Record Cheer)!

If you’ve liked us on Facebook, hung out with us at Game Gear, yelled with us during world record attempts, checked in online during game days, sent us photos, jokes and suggestions… thank you! You’re part of a powerful movement! If you haven’t yet, here’s where you can find us…

Volume 12

Lady 12s

Legion of Boom

Thanks for all your passion, heart and enthusiasm! 2014 is going to be another awesome year to be a 12!


Volume 12 Updates


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rw banner

Hello World Record Holders!

Have you caught your breath yet from our amazing Monday Night Football game? We’re still giddy about being 11-1 and bringing the world record back home for Volume 12!

We wanted to take a moment to thank all our 12s for the photos, questions and messages you send us on our Facebook page. We love knowing that we’re doing our part to connect you all and showcase your wonderful spirit of 12! Be sure to check out the great photo albums our talented admin Jenn is putting together! The holiday album is going to be awesome!

BeanieWith the San Francisco game right around the corner, we want to encourage you to get connected with other 12s through our Connecting the 12s page. Whether you’re trying to find other 12s or you know of a meeting place for 12s, it’s important to us to get you together to watch the game!

Our Best Fan program is ready to announce our first round of nominees! Stay tuned for that announcement and your opportunity to vote!

Finally, our Volume 12 store is open daily at Redmond town center. We have all your Volume 12 and Legion of Boom game gear, everything from hoodies to beanies to arm socks to Volume 12 flags! Feel free to stop by and see our World Record certificates for loudest stadium cheer!

#GoHawks #Volume12

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Turning it up to Volume 12!


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The 12s have done it again!

  • Leading the league for the most false starts in our stadium…
  • Traveling in unprecedented numbers to other stadiums…
  • Breaking attendance and volume records in our own stadium…
  • Undefeated at home for the last two years…
  • Best record in the NFL this season…

What can we say? Seahawks Fans are number one in so many ways!

Just for that, we’re going to let you prove it by giving you another shot at the loudest fan cheer this Monday night on national TV! The 12s are going to take the record back in a huge way!

Volume 12 is leading the effort again with the support of the Seahawks! We still have a lot to organize in a short amount of time and we’re going to need your voice and your spirit! In the meantime, here’s what we know now!

  • We’re going for the loudest cheer as soon as the Saints have their first possession. We figure with Beast Mode and Harvin and Tate and Baldwin and the Legion of Boom, we’ll have plenty to cheer about the rest of the night!
  • There will be earplugs available at the stadium
  • We’re working on the details of a Volume 12 rally prior to the game. Stay tuned!

In the meantime, if you’re not at the game, we’re going to need your vibe. Check our Connecting the 12s page to find meeting spots near you where you can be with other 12s during the world record cheer! If you know of a place, you can fill in the form on the Connecting page and we’ll post it on Permanent Tailgates. If you need to find people near you, post on the Connecting page and we’ll get you on the Meet the 12s list.

Stay tuned to this blog for details as they become available.

Connecting the 12s – Part 2


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tri cities banner

We got a great response when we presented Connecting the 12s 2 weeks ago. However, we needed to do a little work behind the scenes to enable the website to respond more readily. We’re happy to report that we’re ready for your input this time! If you sent in information before, we weren’t able to keep it when we changed the form, so please send it again so we can get you back in the game!

Connecting the 12s is a two prong approach to getting 12s together for games.

1. If you’d like to be connected with 12s near you, enter your information in the form on the Connecting the 12s page and click send and you’ll be added to Meet the 12s! Make sure your contact information is the information you want to be contacted with (ie – email or facebook)

2. If you’re traveling and looking for a place near you that has good food, 12s and the game on TV, check out Permanent Tailgates. If you know of such a place, fill out the form on the Connecting the 12s page, and we’ll add it to our list!

We’re committed to getting our 12s connected as best we can! With the season getting so interesting (Hello best record in the NFL!), we think connecting 12s so they can celebrate together is a priority!

Go Hawks!