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Managing the Seahawks


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This off season has been completely different from any other Seahawks off season.

It didn’t end in disappointment.

There was no “Maybe next year…”

No defending our team from the media…

Instead, we took it all the way… we won the Superbowl… Our Hawks are the champs!

This off season has left us wondering what kind of moves the Seahawks are going to make to address the salary cap as well as resigning or releasing players.

With Sid and Big Red released, there are still a lot of decisions to be made. We want to know what you’d do. Say you’re John Schneider… what do you do about this guy?


Angry Doug Baldwin is a pretty good guy to have on our team!

A heck of a sideline guy, clutch, good returner, excellent vertical leap!







Golden Tate has mastered his routes. He’s got hands that grip like a an all terrain tire in the rain. Solid returner.






zackZach Miller…

Not the best receiving tight end on the planet.

Solid Blocker, big body, big salary….





So what would you do with these guys? Enquiring minds want to know!

Alaska Airlines Russell Wilson 12th Fan Airlift


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Volume 12 staff member, Justin Biza was lucky enough to be on board the Russell Wilson 12th Fan Airlift! This is his account of Super Bowl weekend!

Thetap weekend started off about 5:30 am Saturday morning, full of energy and excitement, chants of “SEA-HAWKS” and “LET’S GO HAWKS” filling the C Gates of SeaTac. Everyone was clad in Seahawks and 12th man gear from head to toe, ready for the biggest game in Seahawks history.  Fans kicked off the trip to The Big Apple emphatically tapping the “I’M IN”  sign as they boarded the Alaska Airlines Russell Wilson themed airplane.

Fans entered the contest through the Alaska Airlines Facebook page by January 26th and the 56 winners were selected and notified the following day.  Fans traveled in to SeaTac from all over the Northwest and Alaska, each one as excited as the next.  Each winner received two round trip tickets, a two night stay in a downtown Manhattan hotel, and the opportunity to attend an exclusive Super Bowl viewing party at the Royalton Hotel, less than half a mile from Times Square and Super Bowl Blvd.

flyOnce aboard the plane, the 12s continued the chants. You could feel the excitement of everyone aboard soaking in this once in a lifetime opportunity.  After take-off everyone was encouraged to connect to the complimentary in-flight WiFi and document their trip using the #12thfanairlift tag on their various social media outlets.  About one hour into this flight the excitement was continuing to build, and it was now time for the Tailgate Trivia.  Six questions were asked about Seahawks history for some great prizes.  This was followed by the random drawing for Super Bowl tickets!  Everyone was ecstatic about the opportunity to watch their favorite team live at Metlife Stadium.  The rest of the flight the energy level grew even higher among the fans and staff from Alaska Airlines.  We arrived with a loud cheer of “SEA-HAWKS” from everyone on board!  After a roughly 45 minute bus ride and check in at the hotel, everyone was free to explore the sights and sounds of The Big Apple and Super Bowl Boulevard.

Super Bowl Boulevard was set up right in the heart of Times Square, spanning at least six blocks.  Every major sports news network had a large setup for their pre-game broadcasts, as well as an area for fans to participate in competitions throughout the week.  During my time on Super Bowl Blvd I heard numerous battles between groups of Seahawks and Broncos fans to see who was louder.  Of course, the 12s won all of the noise battles!  Great work, 12s on traveling across the country and bringing the Volume 12 with you!

Bpartyy 5:00pm Sunday, you could feel energy at the Alaska Airlines 12th Fan Airlift Viewing Party.  It was special seeing all the 12s come together, talking like they were best friends, even though they had only met the day before.  That’s one of the best things about sports; it brings together people who wouldn’t normally meet.  Before kickoff and during commercial breaks Alaska Airlines raffled off jerseys, hats, shirts and numerous other prizes to those attending the party.  By the time kickoff came around you could feel all the pent up energy, waiting to explode on one big play. That play happened to be the first play of the game, when the Seahawks defense, known as the Legion of Boom, caused a safety! The rest of the game was pretty much along the same lines.  The defense dominated, Russell did his thing, Marshawn did what he does best, Percy made that trade completely worth it, and the number 1 offense of all time was held to just eight points!

Following the game everyone at the viewing party at The Royalton Hotel was absolute ecstatic.  Some had waited decades to see a championship come back to the Emerald City, and others hadn’t been born yet when the Seahawks went to the Super Bowl in 2005.  Strangers were hugging and high fiving complete party 2strangers, and at one point, everyone sang We Are the Champions!  Here is a video of that moment!   Shortly after, most people cleared out of the party and headed to the numerous Seahawks parties around the city!  All in all, for Hawks fans and the Alaska Airlines 12th Fan Airlift, this trip was a great success!

A Dream Come True


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It was just a dream last year.

We tweeted using the hashtag #championshipoffseason…

We watched the draft anticipating the talent John Schneider would find in late rounds…

We celebrated the trade for Percy Harvin as the speed we were looking for…

We clamored to get into the Richard Sherman Charity Softball game, delighted with the less formal glimpse of our Hawks!

We sold out training camp before it even started because we couldn’t wait to see our guys!

We set our first world record for loudest crowd cheer on September 15, 2013 against the San Francisco 49ers!

We traveled to away games at a record setting rate and thanks to the Seahawks Road Crew, Saturday night rallies on the road became the norm.

We set our second world record for loudest crowd cheer on Monday Night Football, December 2, 2013 against the New Orleans Saints!

We matched our record for number of wins in the season at 13 and 3, assuring that the road to the Super Bowl came through Seattle.

We enjoyed a bye week before playing two decisive games against the New Orleans Saints and the San Francisco 49ers, ironically the two teams we’d played when we set our world records!

We then went to NYC and endured two weeks of announcers and critics picking against us because we were playing the number one offense.

And then we won the Super Bowl in such a decisive manner that it created discussions regarding whether we were one of the best defenses of all times!

The common denominator in all this is the word “We.”

In all the NFL, there is no other organization in which the fans are so closely intertwined with their team…. where the team wears the symbol of their fans on their uniform… where the fans actually impact the game (and often the post game show)… where the fan’s jersey has been retired… where there’s actually a flag symbolizing the commitment of the fans to the team and that flag shows up around the world as fans display it with pride.

As much as this season has been about the team, it has also been about you, the fans… your world records, your travel, your cheering!

Volume 12 has been proud to support the fans this year through multiple rallies, world record successes, our official Volume 12, Lady 12s and Legion of Boom clothing, our fan caves here and in New York City, our Facebook and Blog… it’s been an incredible honor for us to make this journey with you!

Let’s do it again next year, yes?

Tell Us Your Superbowl Plans!


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Volume 12 is geared up and ready to go for Superbowl 48 today!

But we want to know what you’re doing!

Where are you watching the game?

Who are you with?

What are your superbowl rituals? Game day food? Pre-game worm ups?

Tell us all about it! We want to know!

Leave a comment on this post! We’ll draw a random number after the game to pick one of the comments to win a little something from Volume 12!

Go Hawks!

Seahawks and Art!


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chris art

Like Russell Wilson, who loves being the Seahawks Quarterback, I sometimes think I have things pretty good too, writing for Volume 12. Especially when I get to spend time talking with someone like Christopher Keywood.

Over the last few weeks, Volume 12 has been holding an artistic contest. We love seeing what people create and we’re endlessly fascinated by the art the Seahawks seem to inspire. We love the art that’s been emailed and posted to our Facebook page. But when we saw Christopher’s work, we were completely intrigued by the imagery and texture in his work. So I called him and asked all the usual questions… and got some inspired answers!chris art 3

So this is Chris. Chris has been drawing since he was about three. Growing up in Kent, his first portrait was a 3D Mickey Mouse that his mom laminated for him. Chris wasn’t just a Disney guy though. He moved on to He-Man and She-Ra! In grade school, he started drawing Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and trading the drawings to his classmates for their best snacks!

And then he became fascinated by Junior. Ken Griffey Jr. While his twin brother was all about the Seahawks, Chris became a baseball guy… and the art kept growing.

Chris says it’s just what he sees, all the angles and straight lines. His eyes see the straight lines and he draws and trims them perfectly without a ruler or a straight edge. He says it’s always been the way. Being a perfectionist is also part of his charm!

Chris’ art kept pouring out of him. Moving from Jr High straight into honors art in high school, Chris focused on logos and murals throughout the school… and less on the classwork. Although he was serious about his art, following graduation, he didn’t go to art college like everyone thought he would. Instead, our happy-go-lucky artist went to Mississippi and started an art gallery…

… and developed a fascination with Seahawks! The 2005 season caught his attention. The 11 false starts against the Giants turned him from a spectator to a diehard fan. The Seahawks played their 2006 Superbowl game on February 5th, the birthday he and his brother share. From then on, Chris baffled residents around the delta with his never-before-seen Seahawks shirts and hats.

chris art2Reppin’ his Seattle hoodie in Archie Manning land didn’t keep Chris from selling his art. He even began doing a quite a bit of work around Ole Miss and eventually doings pieces for Eli Manning and creating an NFL series for Terrance Metcalf, former Chicago Bears Guard.

When family circumstances brought him back to Washington State, he fell back in love the with area. The cloudy skies, the water, the trips to Seattle. He went back to Mississppi and closed his gallery and moved to Port Angeles.

He continued working on his football pieces. He felt like his shapes and pieces were creating football players that started looking more like machines and he explored that using the current Seahawks players. From Russell to Sherm. From Earl to Marshawn… Chris began working the same magic with his shapes and shades.

And then the Volume 12 art contest happened. Chris’ friends and family urged him to enter and eventually, he sent us some shots.

chris art 4And we loved them and wanted to see more!

So Chris brought some of his work in and we’re happy to say that we’re featuring it at our Game Gear location in Redmond Town Center.

We love what Chris sees when he looks at the Seahawks. I asked him what he sees when he looks at his art.

“I just love the ability to see the beauty in art, the movement, the shapes… It’s like I’m not even working. It melts me to look at what I’m creating and see people’s reaction to it.”

“But I’ve always known I can make people happy through art. I’m like a jack of all trades. I feel like I can create anything. I’m fierce on a hedge. Give me a trimmer and man, I can see the lines. I may take up sand castles!”

Whatever Chris does, we’re pretty sure he’s going to be good at it!

Where can you get your hands on Chris’ art? You can find Chris on Facebook and of course, you can see his art and buy it at the Redmond Town Center Game Gear store! Come see us Saturday during our NFC Championship open house! We’ll be greeting guests from 3-6 pm, Saturday the 18th. Chris will be there along with a lot of other great folks! Drop on by!





Happy New Year 12s!


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Wow! What a year 2013 was!

Thanks to you, the 12s, we accomplished so much!

Your World Records:

volumeNot one, but TWO world records, thank to all our 12s! The first record was set on the Seahawks opening home game September 15th against the San Fransisco 49ers… and the second record was set during Monday Night Football against the New Orleans Saints on December 2nd.

When the challenge was presented, it wasn’t the team on the field, it was the fans in the stands that rose to the occasion and battled for the record. In many ways, you put yourselves on the map as well as your team and your stadium!

Your Heart:

In November, Volume 12 organized The Battle in the Bowl at Redhook Brewery to benefit Baby Ellie, who was fighting cancer, and her family. Thanks to the sponsors, including the Redhook Brewery, all the 12s that signed up to play flag football on the 8 teams competing for bragging rights, the fans that showed up to cheer everyone on, and the former Seahawks players that volunteered their time to coach the teams, much needed funds were raised to help Ellie’s family offset the cost of her medical care!

Your Passion:

tri citiesNo matter whether you were at the stadium or at home, on a mountain top or at the beach, flying to a game or tailgating at a pub, you all, as 12s, gathered together and made yourselves heard and seen! Your passion as fans made headlines and sometimes were the headlines in post game interviews at away games. You flew the flags, made the noise, wore the jerseys and let the team know you were there for them!

And what was the outcome of all that passion?

You’ve been so amazing and so unique… you’ve created a movement that has the team and the players turning around to gaze at the fans in amazement! While you’re excited by what they’re doing on the field, they’re the ones blown away by how awesome you are in the stands!

You’ve created a fellowship of 12s that is so huge and so passionate… we have 12s checking in from around the world on game day. And trust us, we’re just as amazed as you are. When training camp started, we had a few thousand fans on our Facebook page. This week, we exceeded 100,000!

As we’ve made this journey with you, we’ve worked hard to connect you (Connecting the 12s), meet your need for Volume 12 and LOB fan items (Volume 12 Game Gear in Redmond Town Center) and make sure you get the recognition you deserve (World Record Cheer)!

If you’ve liked us on Facebook, hung out with us at Game Gear, yelled with us during world record attempts, checked in online during game days, sent us photos, jokes and suggestions… thank you! You’re part of a powerful movement! If you haven’t yet, here’s where you can find us…

Volume 12

Lady 12s

Legion of Boom

Thanks for all your passion, heart and enthusiasm! 2014 is going to be another awesome year to be a 12!


Volume 12 Updates


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rw banner

Hello World Record Holders!

Have you caught your breath yet from our amazing Monday Night Football game? We’re still giddy about being 11-1 and bringing the world record back home for Volume 12!

We wanted to take a moment to thank all our 12s for the photos, questions and messages you send us on our Facebook page. We love knowing that we’re doing our part to connect you all and showcase your wonderful spirit of 12! Be sure to check out the great photo albums our talented admin Jenn is putting together! The holiday album is going to be awesome!

BeanieWith the San Francisco game right around the corner, we want to encourage you to get connected with other 12s through our Connecting the 12s page. Whether you’re trying to find other 12s or you know of a meeting place for 12s, it’s important to us to get you together to watch the game!

Our Best Fan program is ready to announce our first round of nominees! Stay tuned for that announcement and your opportunity to vote!

Finally, our Volume 12 store is open daily at Redmond town center. We have all your Volume 12 and Legion of Boom game gear, everything from hoodies to beanies to arm socks to Volume 12 flags! Feel free to stop by and see our World Record certificates for loudest stadium cheer!

#GoHawks #Volume12

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Turning it up to Volume 12!


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The 12s have done it again!

  • Leading the league for the most false starts in our stadium…
  • Traveling in unprecedented numbers to other stadiums…
  • Breaking attendance and volume records in our own stadium…
  • Undefeated at home for the last two years…
  • Best record in the NFL this season…

What can we say? Seahawks Fans are number one in so many ways!

Just for that, we’re going to let you prove it by giving you another shot at the loudest fan cheer this Monday night on national TV! The 12s are going to take the record back in a huge way!

Volume 12 is leading the effort again with the support of the Seahawks! We still have a lot to organize in a short amount of time and we’re going to need your voice and your spirit! In the meantime, here’s what we know now!

  • We’re going for the loudest cheer as soon as the Saints have their first possession. We figure with Beast Mode and Harvin and Tate and Baldwin and the Legion of Boom, we’ll have plenty to cheer about the rest of the night!
  • There will be earplugs available at the stadium
  • We’re working on the details of a Volume 12 rally prior to the game. Stay tuned!

In the meantime, if you’re not at the game, we’re going to need your vibe. Check our Connecting the 12s page to find meeting spots near you where you can be with other 12s during the world record cheer! If you know of a place, you can fill in the form on the Connecting page and we’ll post it on Permanent Tailgates. If you need to find people near you, post on the Connecting page and we’ll get you on the Meet the 12s list.

Stay tuned to this blog for details as they become available.

An Opportunity for the Legion of Boom


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In recent days, Volume 12 has heard considerable news and speculation regarding members of the Legion of Boom and what they did or didn’t take, and how the Seahawks will manage without them.

We think there are some inevitable truths regarding the Seahawks in general, and the Legion of Boom in particular.

Pete Carroll has created a culture within the organization that centers around Always Compete and Next Man Up. We think these beliefs are the core concepts that transform successful teams into champions.

No matter which position you look at on the team, every player there has earned his place on the squad. It was Thurmond’s injury two years ago that gave Sherman the opportunity to shine and become a leader on the team. Browner’s groin injury put Thurmond back in the line up and now Thurmond’s suspension will give Lane and Maxwell the opportunity to step and shine. Pete and John have build the team to have this kind of depth. The Hawks are better positioned than any other team to exemplify Next Man Up!

It’s also worth noting that the original 4 Legion of Boom members wanted the entire backfield acknowledged as Legionnaires. Two home games ago, when the defense was introduced, the entire backfield waited to take the field as the LOB… In this way, no opposing team could overlook anyone in the backfield. Next Man Up!

Finally, it’s the reality of professional sports that every team goes through a journey on the way to their goal. That road is filled with ups and downs, good and bad, positives and negatives, injuries and incidents. But for the teams that endure, the ones that keep their focus, understand their perspective and overcome obstacles, success is inevitable.  Always Compete!

So lets keep the focus where it belongs… competing for that number one seed so that all roads to the NFC championship go through Seattle and the 12s! As much as the team and the players need to keep their perspective, we… the 12s need to keep our perspective. Cheer for the Next Man Up! Focus on our next game! Monday Night Football!

Always Compete!

NFL’s Most Engaged Fans


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payscale banner

In an effort to further understand how NFL fan bases are rated, Volume 12 looked at a study on fan engagement performed by TicketCity:

What They Did:

TicketCity’s first annual ranking of the most engaged NFL fan bases is based on an algorithm designed to identify the fan bases that engage the most frequently with their team both online and offline.

How They Did It:

Fan engagement is evaluated in terms of the following metrics. The data is based on the 2012 season. Each metric was given a corresponding weight, listed in bold, which was determined based on how indicative the metric is of fan activity. For example, home attendance, home capacity and average home ticket price are weighted higher because they are a better direct reflection of home team behavior. Similarly, online metrics are not weighted as high as offline metrics because they reflect only the team-sanctioned social channel and do not account for other fan communities.

  • Average total attendance, all games (5)
  • Average home attendance (10)
  • Average ticket price (5)
  • Average home game ticket price (10)
  • Percentage of stadium capacity filled at home games (10)
  • Facebook likes(3)
  • Twitter following (3)

 Seattle ranked 14!

Here is the link to the study.

What do you, the 12s think of this rating? Does this fit what you think of the Seattle Seahawk fan base?