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Managing the Seahawks


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This off season has been completely different from any other Seahawks off season.

It didn’t end in disappointment.

There was no “Maybe next year…”

No defending our team from the media…

Instead, we took it all the way… we won the Superbowl… Our Hawks are the champs!

This off season has left us wondering what kind of moves the Seahawks are going to make to address the salary cap as well as resigning or releasing players.

With Sid and Big Red released, there are still a lot of decisions to be made. We want to know what you’d do. Say you’re John Schneider… what do you do about this guy?


Angry Doug Baldwin is a pretty good guy to have on our team!

A heck of a sideline guy, clutch, good returner, excellent vertical leap!







Golden Tate has mastered his routes. He’s got hands that grip like a an all terrain tire in the rain. Solid returner.






zackZach Miller…

Not the best receiving tight end on the planet.

Solid Blocker, big body, big salary….





So what would you do with these guys? Enquiring minds want to know!

At Last… The Season Begins!


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Russell-Wilsonseason opening

At last, after 8 months of waiting… through the off season, through mini camps, through the draft, through training camp and preseason, through roster cuts and power predictions… The season finally starts!

There has been so much speculation about this season for the hawks. We’ve heard the term “Championship Off Season” tossed around with reckless abandon. We’ve been assured by the sports media that we’re a lock for the Superbowl. Our depth has been dissected, our quarterback scrutinized, our receiving corps graded. We’ve listened to weeks of speculation regarding our pass rush, whether an opposing QB would be silly enough to throw into Sherm’s coverage and how soon Harvin will be back.

None of that means anything this morning. We’re down to what we absolutely know:

  • In the words of Malcolm Smith, its going to be a memorable year
  • Russell Wilson is the real thing
  • Pete’s a little bit hyper
  • John is a master at drafting talent
  • Baldwin is inspirational
  • Sherm has a lot of confidence
  • Seattle has the loudest fans in the NFL
  • We’re going to set a world record for the loudest fan cheer!

Everything else will be revealed over the course of the season.

Volume 12 wants to know, what do you know for sure?

The Power of 12!


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Here at Volume12, we were thrilled to return to CenturyLink Stadium last week for the Denver Bronco’s game. Yes, we know it was preseason, and perhaps in past years there was a bit less excitement about preseason games, but that time appears to have come and gone.

We could tell the difference, from the moment we parked our car in our favorite lot and climbed out into the summer sunshine. There were 12th men and women everywhere greeting each other like they were old friends. As our feet walked the familiar path toward the stadium, more and more 12s joined us. Crossing the street and down the steps into the north parking lot… it was like being enveloped by a mist, a magnet that drew us toward the stadium… our hearts beat faster and there was a sense of joy as we walked through the gates. We were home, and everyone around us was filled with the same feelings, the same anticipation to see our boys and call out their names and cheer them on!

As we watched the pre-game ceremonies, the sense of anticipation became an electric thing, moving through the stands. When the team took the field, it felt like the crowd could have powered half of Seattle! It had been so long since we’d all been together, the team… the crowd… the coaches. There was just this sense of invincibility, as if no team could hope to defeat us when we were all filled with such intensity.

There were moments in the game when the electricity spiked… the run backs of Browner and Chop Chop brought the crowd surging to the feet and the team surging down the sidelines to congratulate their teammates. Yet the most amazing thing was the electricity of being together after all these months never dropped off throughout the entire game. It surged at times, but there was no lull, no softening of the crowd. It felt like something that was going to continue throughout the season, making this year something special… something remarkable and memorable!

If you attended the game,we’d love to hear your thoughts. Moving into regular season, we hope you get a chance to attend a game and experience the electricity for yourself!

Seahawks/Broncos Game Preview


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Who’s excited for our preseason home opener tonight?

We’re filled with anticipation here at Volume12 Blog. We read somewhere that MLB is just there to fill in the bulk of the gap between the Superbowl and Preseason. We couldn’t agree more! We’ve been to a few games this year, but really… we’ve just been killing time until tonight, when we could go back to CenturyLink Field and get our football zen on with 65,000 of our football buddies!

If you’re attending the game this evening, here are some fun facts we thought we’d share:

First and foremost, the new NFL clear bag policy – Beginning tonight, fans may only bring:

  • Bags that are clear plastic, vinyl or PVC and do not exceed 12″ x 6″ x 12″
  • One-gallon clear plastic freezer bag (Ziploc bag or similar)
  •  Small clutch bags, approximately the size of a hand, with or without a handle or strap, may be carried into the stadium along with one of the clear bag options
  •  Fans with medical equipment are encouraged to enter the stadium through the southeast concourse located on the second floor of the Event Center garage.

Additionally, The Seahawks will be handing out official Seahawk clear bags to every attendee tonight! For that reason, Volume12 Blog recommends traveling to the game with the bare essentials and placing your belongings in the official bag once you receive it. We read a number of nightmare tales about fans that brought “the usual” to the San Diego game and had to leave their bags at bag check before entering Qualcom Stadium. We hear the bag check line both in and out of the stadium was about an hour each way.

The links to road closures and transportation information are here and here.

Touchdown City (free to the public) opens at 4PM and features the following activities:

  • Face and hair painting
  • Interactive inflatable games and contests
  • Sea Gals autograph booth
  • Seahawks Pro Shop kiosks
  • Appearances by Blitz and Taima
  • 710 ESPN Entertainment Zone featuring live reports and pregame analysis
  • Season long food and beverage specials including $5 beers and $3 hot dogs

In other news, CenturyLink Field has changed Concession vendors for the stadium, partnering with Sportservice as the new provider. Reports indicate they will be offering more local craft beers and local “Taste of Seattle” food options. Also, be on the lookout for the new Brougham Beer Hall in the main concourse just outside Section 128.


In terms of Football, as much as we’re looking forward to seeing the 1st string team show what a great training camp they had, Volume12 Blog would love to see some of the rookies show what they’ve got going on. We’re also looking forward to seeing who the backup quarterback is going to be. Pssst… lean in… We’re really rooting for TJack. We’ll never forget him playing through that injury that should have sidelined him in 2011. Whatever shortcomings he may have in performance, (look off your main receiver now and then Tavaris) no one can question his guts and determination, especially knowing what a disaster his back up was. Its an added bonus that he has the respect of all his teammates that played with him that season.

As far as viewing the game, if you’re not at CenturyLink, you can watch the game on the following networks at 7PM Pacific time:

NFL Network
Seattle: KCPQ-13/Fox
Denver: 9NEWS/NBC

Or online at through Preseason Live for $14.99 for the remainder of the season.

Now, we gotta for find our jersey! It’s football season, Baby!

PS ~ There may be a decibel meter at the game tonight. Your friends at Volume12 Blog would like to get a reading on preseason volume!

Training Camp Top 10 List


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As your Volume12 Blog attended the final Bing training camp, we had few impressions we wanted to share prior to the second pre-season game this coming Saturday night.

10. John Lotulelei is fast and seems to have some great football instincts. He can also tackle and played like a fiend. I don’t know how he’s going to fit into the linebacker rotation, but he’s very good in the run coverage.  Coach Norton has some work ahead of him if he’s going to convince Coach Carroll to let him keep more than 6 line backers!


9. Winston Guy has beefed up a bit and looks more substantial than last year. He looked very focused at training camp.


8. Sherm is just as friendly to the crowd as always… responding with charm to chants of his name. (Newly crowned Best Player in Camp)


7. The hardest working man in camp yesterday appeared to be Heath Farwell. Word is that he’s likely to make the team given his versatility on special teams and as back up to the linebacking corp.

6. Malcolm Smith looks fierce this year and seemed to play well in both run coverage and pass coverage. Although he lacks the traditional height for the position, playing SAM may be a good fit for Mr. Smith.


5. Sandwich Tha Monster between Big Red and Mebane and he is indeed a good sized guy.


4. Baldwin appears to have developed some amazing spin moves during the off-season and was particularly elusive with serious yards after catch yesterday. (Newly crowned Best Offensive Player in Camp)


3. The Legion of Boom™ spent a few minutes discussing their strategy for Saturday night. (Newly crowned Best Unit in Camp – Secondary)


2. The Legion of Zoom did the same. Kearse showed great speed and good hands yesterday as did Stephen Williams, who reminded us of the height of BMW without the weight.


1. While Russell Wilson got first team reps and looked smooth, the other two QBs got significant practice time as well. We felt TJack won the battle for better passing accuracy yesterday although we didn’t see enough scrambling from either player to call a winner at that skill. We don’t know who will get more playing time Saturday night.

So tell us… Did you go to training camp? What were your impressions?

Legion of Boom™ Returns to Seattle


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Sure, the home-field is an advantage — but so is having a lot of talent.
~ Dan Marino

There are some traditions that are just a matter of hometown pride, especially when connected to our beloved Seahawks.

We all know about the history of the 12th Man and how the number 12 was retired…

After Seattle’s big 1983 playoff victory at Miami, Coach Knox said “this team does not play alone, we play with an extra man, a twelfth man — our fans.” Before the final game of the 1984 season, the Seahawks retired the number 12, meaning it could never be worn by any players; it was a symbolic act unprecedented in professional sports.

And then there’s our tradition of raising the 12th Man flag in the stadium…

The crowd noise from the King Dome followed the Seahawks into their new stadium in 2002. In recognition of the home field advantage fans helped create, the Seahawks installed a flagpole above the south end zone in 2003 and made the raising of a 12th Man flag part of every pregame ritual. Our identity was molded by the ones before us.

Over the last few months, we’ve seen the momentum of #Volume12, powered by former Seahawks Joe Tafoya and Kerry Carter from JumpIt Media. Using their experience as former Seahawks and current proprietors of a dynamic marketing and consulting agency, Joe and Kerry have taken it upon themselves to assure that #Volume12 continues to be connected to Seahawks fans by initiating the Guinness World Record attempt on September 15th at CenturyLink Field.

legion of boom

More recently, Joe and Kerry have brought Legion of Boom™ back to Seattle. Wondering why there aren’t Legion of Boom™ products for sale? A company from another state held the trademark and wouldn’t allow anyone licensing rights. After a lot of hard work and negotiation, #Volume12 has successfully acquired the rights to LEGION OF BOOM™ and brings it to the great Northwest and the rightful owners, Seahawks Fans! We are moving quickly with major partners to get something into your hands soon! We have some big things on the horizon for our 12′s and can’t wait for the season to start!

Joe and Kerry want to know, If you could buy any Legion of Boom™ product, what would be?

Volume12 – Fan Focus


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Set your goals high, and don’t stop till you get there.
~ Bo Jackson

We’ve had so many fans submitting pictures and stories over on the Volume12 Facebook page over the last few weeks, you’d think we were running a contest!

vol12 san

We love seeing all the messages and posts popping up on our page. Here at Volume12, we think all the submissions are yet another way of showcasing the connection our fans have with the Seahawks. We’ve talked in previous posts about fans feeling so closely linked to our athletes and our team. We think the record setting jersey sales and the sold out practices at training camp this year are further evidence of this connection!


What we’re just beginning to realize is the how deep the connection is within the 12thMan community. Our posts show we’re crazy about each other’s babies, dogs, cars, tattoos and around-the-world flag shots! Here at Volume12, we love seeing the response every time we post another great fan-submitted photo. It’s definitely been a delightful yet unexpected benefit to creating the Volume12 site!

easter isle

This connection is going to be pivotal in winning our world record attempt as Loudest Crowd Cheer at a Sports Stadium! We need to nurture this Volume12 Connection so we’re all cheering at the same time with the same passion and fervor!

san de time

We hope you’ll continue to send in your photos, comment on folks’ photos, share on your timeline and build the excitement for our #WorldRecordCheer! It’s going to take every fan cheering together and bringing other fans to their feet in order to set this world record! And we want to set it so high that other teams can’t come close to our yell! We all need to be #Volume12!


Pre Season Fever!


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The Green Bay Packers never lost a football game. They just ran out of time.
~ Vince Lombardi

Preseason is here!

Who’s excited?

There’s always the concern in preseason about what we’re going to see from our team, but for some fans, the larger concern is how we’re going to see the games. If you’re a season ticket holder or if you were able to get your hand on preseason tickets, you have the two home games nailed down.

But Volume12 Blog, you ask, what about the away games? Volume12 Blog has a couple of answers for you!

First of all, if you have the NFL Network on cable or dish, they’re showing the Seahawks Thursday night game against the San Diego Chargers. You can find the preview page here, along with lots of game preview and analysis. Game time is 7pm Pacific time.

If you don’t have the NFL Network, you have one other option, buy the NFL preseason package and watch online, via computer or tablet. You can find the sign up page here. Your Volume12 Blog bought this last year on a road trip and it saved their bacon, allowing them to watch the Seahawks on a laptop somewhere in the Sierra Nevada mountains! This package is reasonably priced at $19.95 and allows the user to see every preseason game played, watch condensed games and even watch game replays.

As a last resort, you can go to the game page on and sign up to hear the live radio broadcast. Just click “Listen” under the Seahawks logo to get started.

We know you’re just as excited to watch the Hawks as we are! Tell us, where will you be watching the game?



What’s Behind the Volume12 – An Investigative Report


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If you’ve been watching, listening or reading anything about the Seahawks in the last few weeks, you’ll have likely heard about the World Record Cheer. It’s no secret that on the 15th of September game against the San Francisco 49ers, Seahawks fans are attempting to break the Guinness Book of World Record for the Loudest Fan Cheer in a Stadium.

But there are some questions that need answers… Who’s behind it? How did it get started? Is this just a gimmick?

This reporter went in search of answers to these questions and more.  Ultimately, the trail led to these two gentlemen…


Joe Tafoya and Kerry Carter, former Seahawks players and co-founders of JumpIt Media Inc, a multimedia marketing and brand enhancement agency.

Joe and Kerry, thanks for meeting with me. I know there’s a lot of curiosity about Volume12 and what this attempt means.

Tell me, what’s behind JumpIt Media? How did it get started?

Kerry- JumpIt Media is the perfect culmination of our background and professional experience in football and the technology sector. After finishing our pro football careers, Joe and I lead the acquisition of a software development company in 2010. We gained valuable insight and experience and continued to explore ways that we could leverage our expertise while playing to our strengths. We now live at the intersection of sports, technology, and entertainment and have found unique ways to provide our services to High Profile Influencers and organizations alike. We use technology as a tool and employ strategies to connect individuals and businesses looking to leverage influence to create positive and profitable opportunities and experiences.

What kind of events have you produced?

Kerry- The most recent event that we produced was the Richard Sherman Celebrity Softball Game. This consisted of a 3 month social media campaign along with securing sponsors, advertisers and game day execution. In the past we have done everything from private VIP functions to Superbowl parties with over 30 events in 2012 alone. We partnered up with At&t at SXSW in 2012 to put on a Hackathon which was the highest rated event of SXSW interactive according to Radian 6. Needless to say our events are quite varied but our focus is always the same, engagement and measurable return on investment.

How did this expertise lead to this Guinness world record attempt?

Joe- As former players turned fans running the events, we are in a unique position to observe the player/fan relationship. We understand the interaction on a level that most people never get to see. With so much excitement around the upcoming season, fans are doing everything they can to get close to the team and show their support. Everyone from the die-hard King Dome fans that have followed since the wave was made popular to newly joined fans with fresh enthusiasm, are buying into the excitement.  We recognized the opportunity to give fans a way to channel that passion by creating a movement that everyone can get behind.

What do you hope to accomplish with this world record attempt?

Joe - We believe that fans should play a larger role in the game and in the community. We hope to use the Volume 12 banner as a way to unite all Seahawks fans for a common purpose. This attempt is the beginning of a fan movement that will give voice and movement to a dedicated fan base. When we reach Volume 12, the 12th man is a powerful force with unlimited potential.

What’s in it for the fans? How do they benefit?

Joe- The Seahawks 12th Man has always had an identity. Loud, devoted and intelligent. They’ve never been afraid to show the world how to be a first-rate fan. We only hope to promote that identity and remind the rest of the NFL (and fans everywhere) about what makes them so great. This attempt will bring attention to something that needs recognition – Their passion for the team they love. They get the chance to own a world record and a small piece of history.

Kerry- The fans are what drives the sports world. Through their support, participation, and enthusiasm we are afforded the opportunity to be continually entertained. Volume 12 represents the fans and gives them something that they can take ownership of and be proud of. We speak directly to the fans when we say: This is your chance to have your voice heard, directly benefit local causes and uplift your community. Volume 12 is the vehicle and you, the fans are the engine.

Are the Seahawks involved in anyway?

Joe- The Seahawks are aware of the attempt and support their fans 100%. They are excited to see the fans taking ownership of this.

How can people become involved?

Joe- People can get involved by voicing their opinion and ideas through social media. We encourage participation and want to hear from you. Please submit a message on our website in the contact section by filling out the message form. We are fully engaged with the audience and will respond to all legitimate requests and ideas. This is for the fans by the fans. We are also putting together a fan council led by the Sea-hawkers chapter presidents.

How can folks get the Volume 12 banners and other merchandise?

Kerry- We will soon be launching a full apparel line under the Volume 12 brand and it will be available via our website,,  and Facebook storefront. A portion of the proceeds of each item will be donated to a local cause voted on by the fans, having a direct impact on your local community.

How can fans connect with you?

Joe - @joetafoya

Kerry - @kerrycarter

Any last thoughts you want to share?

Joe- Don’t be afraid of success!

Kerry- What you do really does speak Volumes. Don’t underestimate the effect of passion and positivity.

Thanks for your time, gentlemen. Can we contact you if we have more questions?

Joe - Absolutely!

Kerry - We’ll have more to share!