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A Dream Come True


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It was just a dream last year.

We tweeted using the hashtag #championshipoffseason…

We watched the draft anticipating the talent John Schneider would find in late rounds…

We celebrated the trade for Percy Harvin as the speed we were looking for…

We clamored to get into the Richard Sherman Charity Softball game, delighted with the less formal glimpse of our Hawks!

We sold out training camp before it even started because we couldn’t wait to see our guys!

We set our first world record for loudest crowd cheer on September 15, 2013 against the San Francisco 49ers!

We traveled to away games at a record setting rate and thanks to the Seahawks Road Crew, Saturday night rallies on the road became the norm.

We set our second world record for loudest crowd cheer on Monday Night Football, December 2, 2013 against the New Orleans Saints!

We matched our record for number of wins in the season at 13 and 3, assuring that the road to the Super Bowl came through Seattle.

We enjoyed a bye week before playing two decisive games against the New Orleans Saints and the San Francisco 49ers, ironically the two teams we’d played when we set our world records!

We then went to NYC and endured two weeks of announcers and critics picking against us because we were playing the number one offense.

And then we won the Super Bowl in such a decisive manner that it created discussions regarding whether we were one of the best defenses of all times!

The common denominator in all this is the word “We.”

In all the NFL, there is no other organization in which the fans are so closely intertwined with their team…. where the team wears the symbol of their fans on their uniform… where the fans actually impact the game (and often the post game show)… where the fan’s jersey has been retired… where there’s actually a flag symbolizing the commitment of the fans to the team and that flag shows up around the world as fans display it with pride.

As much as this season has been about the team, it has also been about you, the fans… your world records, your travel, your cheering!

Volume 12 has been proud to support the fans this year through multiple rallies, world record successes, our official Volume 12, Lady 12s and Legion of Boom clothing, our fan caves here and in New York City, our Facebook and Blog… it’s been an incredible honor for us to make this journey with you!

Let’s do it again next year, yes?

Volume 12 Updates


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rw banner

Hello World Record Holders!

Have you caught your breath yet from our amazing Monday Night Football game? We’re still giddy about being 11-1 and bringing the world record back home for Volume 12!

We wanted to take a moment to thank all our 12s for the photos, questions and messages you send us on our Facebook page. We love knowing that we’re doing our part to connect you all and showcase your wonderful spirit of 12! Be sure to check out the great photo albums our talented admin Jenn is putting together! The holiday album is going to be awesome!

BeanieWith the San Francisco game right around the corner, we want to encourage you to get connected with other 12s through our Connecting the 12s page. Whether you’re trying to find other 12s or you know of a meeting place for 12s, it’s important to us to get you together to watch the game!

Our Best Fan program is ready to announce our first round of nominees! Stay tuned for that announcement and your opportunity to vote!

Finally, our Volume 12 store is open daily at Redmond town center. We have all your Volume 12 and Legion of Boom game gear, everything from hoodies to beanies to arm socks to Volume 12 flags! Feel free to stop by and see our World Record certificates for loudest stadium cheer!

#GoHawks #Volume12

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Turning it up to Volume 12!


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The 12s have done it again!

  • Leading the league for the most false starts in our stadium…
  • Traveling in unprecedented numbers to other stadiums…
  • Breaking attendance and volume records in our own stadium…
  • Undefeated at home for the last two years…
  • Best record in the NFL this season…

What can we say? Seahawks Fans are number one in so many ways!

Just for that, we’re going to let you prove it by giving you another shot at the loudest fan cheer this Monday night on national TV! The 12s are going to take the record back in a huge way!

Volume 12 is leading the effort again with the support of the Seahawks! We still have a lot to organize in a short amount of time and we’re going to need your voice and your spirit! In the meantime, here’s what we know now!

  • We’re going for the loudest cheer as soon as the Saints have their first possession. We figure with Beast Mode and Harvin and Tate and Baldwin and the Legion of Boom, we’ll have plenty to cheer about the rest of the night!
  • There will be earplugs available at the stadium
  • We’re working on the details of a Volume 12 rally prior to the game. Stay tuned!

In the meantime, if you’re not at the game, we’re going to need your vibe. Check our Connecting the 12s page to find meeting spots near you where you can be with other 12s during the world record cheer! If you know of a place, you can fill in the form on the Connecting page and we’ll post it on Permanent Tailgates. If you need to find people near you, post on the Connecting page and we’ll get you on the Meet the 12s list.

Stay tuned to this blog for details as they become available.

Volume 12 Lives!


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tri cities banner

There’s no substitute for guts. – Paul “Bear” Bryant

First and foremost, Volume 12 wants to congratulate the Kansas City Chiefs organization for breaking the world record for loudest crowd cheer in a stadium. We here at Volume 12 know how hard we worked to create a movement with just a few people. We’re certain it must be a challenge no matter how many people you have working on the effort.

Mostly however, we want to share a few thoughts and address some of the questions our Volume 12 readers have been asking…

Volume 12 consists of 7 people, Joe and Kerry – the dynamic duo, the zesty and organized Jenn, the energetic Tiffany and Lori, the engaging Dru and our idea man Ken. As we came together around Volume 12, our main goal was to create a home for Seahawks fans… a space where they could share Seahawks stories and pictures, a page where they could meet up with 1000s of their best friends talk Hawks. But mostly, we wanted to give the fans a voice and a direction… being a fan base the Seahawks players would be proud of.

One summer morning, at 3am… Joe got the idea to do the world record attempt as a way to connect the loudest fan cheer title with the  incredible volume you 12s achieve at CenturyLink Field. We decided to go for it because it was a wonderful project to bring before the fans… something they could gather around and own.

While our small group did the coordination and PR, the record was all about the 12s. It was your voices screaming, your flags waving and your hands clapping. There were no prompts on the screens, no coordinated communications… This movement was grass roots and fan driven even down to the texting system that Joe set up with y’all via Twitter the night before the game.

We share all this to say, we’re proud of each and every one of you for all that you, the 12s,  accomplished. Whether you were in the stadium or in your living room, in Seattle or in Virginia, you cheered, you reached out, your energy made that record achievable.

Will we go for the record again? Possibly, but not immediately. Volume 12 is and always has been far more that just a noise record. We think the fact that we’re 50,000 strong on our Facebook page and growing means that we’re achieving our goal of bringing our local and far flung 12s together.

In the meantime, we have other goals we want to accomplish. And we’re going to continue doing some of our best work; masterminding tailgating events, bringing 12s together, producing events like the Richard Sherman Charity Softball Game and offering opportunities to get your 12 on, like the Seahawks/Cardinals viewing party at the EMP this Thursday.

We welcome your thoughts and look forward to seeing more of you, either at the stadium or through your photos and stories!

Go Hawks!

What’s that? A Contest? Yes!!


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contest banner

Yes, your friendly Volume 12 has a few World Record Commemorative items tucked away…

You, 12th Man, have some awesome World Record Commemorative photos. We’ve seen a few. But we think we’re missing out. We’d like to see your best stuff!

Did you have a lovely game ensemble?


Did you flash your guns in a group photo?


Did you do up your hair real nice?


Perhaps you took some extra care with your make up?

make up

We would like to see what you did! So here’s a few rules:

  • No previously submitted pictures have been retained. If you have a pic to submit, message it to us at our Facebook page with a notation that it’s a contest entry
  • One entry per person, multiple entries will be disqualified
  • No professional photos. We like the ones you took yourself!
  • Photos must have been taken before, during or after our World Record Cheer/Lightning show/Whupping we dished on the 49ers on 9/15/13
  • Photos from home celebrations or other city/state/country celebrations are eligible. It does not have to be a stadium photo!
  • Contest runs from  8pm Tuesday the 17th until midnight pacific time on Thursday the 19th
  • Our esteemed panel of judges will make a decision about winning photos and they’ll be announced Friday the 20th.
  • There will be at least 3 winners, or maybe 4. Probably not 5. We will then open our secret Volume 12 Swag Vault to see what we have for the winners
  • Photos sent in will become property of Volume 12 and we’ll use them to taunt the other fan bases regarding how loud and dedicated you all are!
  • Finally, all photos must be family friendly!

Ready? Set? Go!!!

(if you have questions, please post them here on the blog so everyone can see questions and answers!)

Get Volume 12 Updates Today!


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in touch2

Heads up 12th man,

We know getting connected with your mobile phone at Century Link during the game can be a challenge at times, so along with following @JoeTafoya on Twitter for in-game updates on our attempts to set the record, you should also set your Twitter account to have those tweets sent to your mobile phone as text messages (SMS) – text messages are the most reliable means of communication when the networks are as congested as they are during Seahawks home games. 

It is easy to do right from your phone if you have already linked your phone to your Twitter account, if not go here for information on how to do that first.

1.       Send a text message to 40404 with the word ON, then a space, then JoeTafoya.  Like this: On JoeTafoya

2.       You should receive a confirmation that “You’re now following @JoeTafoya. Their tweets will be sent to you. Send OFF @JoeTafoya to stop.”

For those fans that don’t have Twitter accounts but want to stay informed during the game, you can get Joe’s tweets sent to your phone as text messages without even needing to create a full Twitter account.  More info on this available here.

1.       Just send a text to 40404 with the word FOLLOW, then a space, then  JoeTafoya.  Like this: Follow JoeTafoya (or follow- space – @joetafoya, we tried both)

2.       You should receive a confirmation that says “Welcome to Twitter! You’re now following @JoeTafoya and you’ll receive their Tweets on your phone (Std msg/data rates apply. Reply w/ STOP to quit)”

Here’s what it looks like from our phone!


This will move your communication from Twitter which requires a data connection to text, which does not require the data connection.

Have a great time today 12th Man! You’re amazing and we’ve got this covered!