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Hear the Cheer!


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derrick coleman2

With our attempt at the Guinness Book of World Records coming up, decibel levels are definitely on our mind here at the Volume 12 Blog. We know we’re the loudest stadium in the NFL and we’re thrilled to have the opportunity to prove it once and for all!

However, we have to admit, we’re pretty concerned about the noise level and the potential for loss of hearing. Our volume needs to be above 130 dB in order to achieve the world record, meaning we’ll be approaching painful acoustic trauma at 140 dB. While the 12th Man takes pride in losing our voice for a few days after each game, we also tend to minimize the effects of the volume on our auditory nerves. Here at Volume 12 Blog, we wouldn’t want anyone to experience hearing damage during a Seahawks victory.


Ironically, there is one Seahawk player that won’t be bothered by this level of noise and that’s Derrick Coleman, who is essentially deaf, having been able to hear only sounds and tones since age three, when his hearing mysteriously began to disappear. The reliable Coleman, who won Mike Robinson’s starting fullback position on the team, utilizes hearing aids and an uncanny ability to read lips to adapt to the point that many who know him forget he’s deaf, and many who meet him don’t realize it unless they are told. Coleman says his hearing loss appears to give him an edge when stadiums get especially loud and players have to rely on hand signals and other non-verbal methods of communication. He says he makes sure to ask quarterbacks or teammates a second time to assure he understands the play if it’s unclear. And he simply has to keep his eye on the center snap to know when the play begins.

As much as we admire Derrick’s coping ability with his hearing loss, Volume 12 Blog believes we need to protect our own hearing at Seahawks games, and particularly at the September 15th game, which we know will be incredibly loud! With that in mind, we are proud to have partnered with the Hearing Health Foundation to support their efforts against hearing loss. A portion of our proceeds from the Official Volume 12 Hear the Cheer Tailgate Party will go to the Hearing Health Foundation to help fund hearing and balance research.

Additionally, we send out a huge thank you to our friends at the Hearing Speech & Deafness Center in Seattle along with 3M for donating earplugs!!! We will be passing them out all around CenturyLink Field next Sunday before the game! Be on the lookout for the Volume 12 team prior to the game. Of course the best way to find us is to buy tickets for the Tailgate Party!

Let’s be loud and let’s be safe on the 15th!

Go Hawks!

Seahawks/Broncos Game Preview


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Who’s excited for our preseason home opener tonight?

We’re filled with anticipation here at Volume12 Blog. We read somewhere that MLB is just there to fill in the bulk of the gap between the Superbowl and Preseason. We couldn’t agree more! We’ve been to a few games this year, but really… we’ve just been killing time until tonight, when we could go back to CenturyLink Field and get our football zen on with 65,000 of our football buddies!

If you’re attending the game this evening, here are some fun facts we thought we’d share:

First and foremost, the new NFL clear bag policy – Beginning tonight, fans may only bring:

  • Bags that are clear plastic, vinyl or PVC and do not exceed 12″ x 6″ x 12″
  • One-gallon clear plastic freezer bag (Ziploc bag or similar)
  •  Small clutch bags, approximately the size of a hand, with or without a handle or strap, may be carried into the stadium along with one of the clear bag options
  •  Fans with medical equipment are encouraged to enter the stadium through the southeast concourse located on the second floor of the Event Center garage.

Additionally, The Seahawks will be handing out official Seahawk clear bags to every attendee tonight! For that reason, Volume12 Blog recommends traveling to the game with the bare essentials and placing your belongings in the official bag once you receive it. We read a number of nightmare tales about fans that brought “the usual” to the San Diego game and had to leave their bags at bag check before entering Qualcom Stadium. We hear the bag check line both in and out of the stadium was about an hour each way.

The links to road closures and transportation information are here and here.

Touchdown City (free to the public) opens at 4PM and features the following activities:

  • Face and hair painting
  • Interactive inflatable games and contests
  • Sea Gals autograph booth
  • Seahawks Pro Shop kiosks
  • Appearances by Blitz and Taima
  • 710 ESPN Entertainment Zone featuring live reports and pregame analysis
  • Season long food and beverage specials including $5 beers and $3 hot dogs

In other news, CenturyLink Field has changed Concession vendors for the stadium, partnering with Sportservice as the new provider. Reports indicate they will be offering more local craft beers and local “Taste of Seattle” food options. Also, be on the lookout for the new Brougham Beer Hall in the main concourse just outside Section 128.


In terms of Football, as much as we’re looking forward to seeing the 1st string team show what a great training camp they had, Volume12 Blog would love to see some of the rookies show what they’ve got going on. We’re also looking forward to seeing who the backup quarterback is going to be. Pssst… lean in… We’re really rooting for TJack. We’ll never forget him playing through that injury that should have sidelined him in 2011. Whatever shortcomings he may have in performance, (look off your main receiver now and then Tavaris) no one can question his guts and determination, especially knowing what a disaster his back up was. Its an added bonus that he has the respect of all his teammates that played with him that season.

As far as viewing the game, if you’re not at CenturyLink, you can watch the game on the following networks at 7PM Pacific time:

NFL Network
Seattle: KCPQ-13/Fox
Denver: 9NEWS/NBC

Or online at through Preseason Live for $14.99 for the remainder of the season.

Now, we gotta for find our jersey! It’s football season, Baby!

PS ~ There may be a decibel meter at the game tonight. Your friends at Volume12 Blog would like to get a reading on preseason volume!

Legion of Boom™ Returns to Seattle


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Sure, the home-field is an advantage — but so is having a lot of talent.
~ Dan Marino

There are some traditions that are just a matter of hometown pride, especially when connected to our beloved Seahawks.

We all know about the history of the 12th Man and how the number 12 was retired…

After Seattle’s big 1983 playoff victory at Miami, Coach Knox said “this team does not play alone, we play with an extra man, a twelfth man — our fans.” Before the final game of the 1984 season, the Seahawks retired the number 12, meaning it could never be worn by any players; it was a symbolic act unprecedented in professional sports.

And then there’s our tradition of raising the 12th Man flag in the stadium…

The crowd noise from the King Dome followed the Seahawks into their new stadium in 2002. In recognition of the home field advantage fans helped create, the Seahawks installed a flagpole above the south end zone in 2003 and made the raising of a 12th Man flag part of every pregame ritual. Our identity was molded by the ones before us.

Over the last few months, we’ve seen the momentum of #Volume12, powered by former Seahawks Joe Tafoya and Kerry Carter from JumpIt Media. Using their experience as former Seahawks and current proprietors of a dynamic marketing and consulting agency, Joe and Kerry have taken it upon themselves to assure that #Volume12 continues to be connected to Seahawks fans by initiating the Guinness World Record attempt on September 15th at CenturyLink Field.

legion of boom

More recently, Joe and Kerry have brought Legion of Boom™ back to Seattle. Wondering why there aren’t Legion of Boom™ products for sale? A company from another state held the trademark and wouldn’t allow anyone licensing rights. After a lot of hard work and negotiation, #Volume12 has successfully acquired the rights to LEGION OF BOOM™ and brings it to the great Northwest and the rightful owners, Seahawks Fans! We are moving quickly with major partners to get something into your hands soon! We have some big things on the horizon for our 12′s and can’t wait for the season to start!

Joe and Kerry want to know, If you could buy any Legion of Boom™ product, what would be?